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Cornsnake Basics

Here is a quick list of the things you need to do to keep a cornsnake correctly:

  • A 3ft long vivarium for adult cornsnakes
  • A hide big enough for the snake to sleep in, positioned in the warm area of the viv
  • A moist hide - a simple plastic food storage container with a hole cut into the lid and filled with damp sphagnum moss is ideal - positioned in the cool end
  • A water bowl
  • A branch or some kind of decor to aid the snake in shedding its skin
  • A temperature range from 21° to 80° but as long as the snake is feeding well, they can happily live in a range of temperatures, in UK summertime heat may not be required.
  • Frozen mice of an appropriate size to be defrosted at room temperature and fed once a week

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