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Beardie Basics

Here are the basic requirements that you need to meet for keeping a bearded dragon:

  • Minimum 3ft vivarium (or larger)
  • Temperature at hottest end basking spot at least 45°C /115°F
  • Temperature at cool end 30°C/85°F
  • Suitable substrate such as aspen (see blog article on reptile substrates for more detail)
  • A 10-12% UVB bulb mounted no further than 6" from the basking spot
  • A high basking area under the basking spot heat lamp and no further than 6" from the UVB bulb
  • A food dish at the cool end of the enclosure containing leafy green salad leaves but avoiding kale or spinach (see blog article on 'what to feed your bearded dragon' for further info)
  • Some kind of wood, rock or decor in the hotter half of the enclosure that provides a high climbing spot on which to bask.

For a full and detailed care sheet for bearded dragons please read my blog post Bearded Dragon Caresheet

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