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Reptoboost - Why, When and How To Use it

Reptoboost is a powdered supplement that is a mixture of probiotic bacteria, A C E vitamins, electrolytes & glucose for energy. Once opened it should be used within 3 months, after which time the probiotic component will be less effective.

It is useful for:

  • tortoises coming out of hibernation
  • lizards & tortoises that are dehydrated or listless
  • any reptile that is sick and needs perking up, particularly those that haven't eaten for a while

How to use:

  • Add 1 scoop per 500ml of drinking water (as per instructions on tub) to warm water, enough to cover the body of the lizard or tortoise, without requiring them to swim to be able to breathe with their head up.
  • Let the reptile soak for at least 20 minutes or longer to allow it to warm all the way through its body
  • Rinse the reptoboost solution off with warm water before drying. (This is necessary to prevent the build up of biofilm on the surface of the shell/skin)
  • with regard to tortoises coming out of hibernation, this should be repeated 2x daily for around a week ir until the tortoise is eating and defecating normally
  • it is safe for reptiles to drink and aids correct functioning of the digestive system by helping the growth of good gut bacteria.

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