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An Unforgettable Reptile Experience

Looking for a unique birthday party or activity for an event in the Guildford/Woking area? Why not harness a child's natural curiosity for creatures and host a Lizard Lady Reptile Experience? I own a variety of very friendly reptiles and they have attended birthday parties, cubs/scouts/guides, 'Challengers', schools, the Cheam 'Feasty Fest' & even an adult 40th birthday BBQ!

What to Expect

Currently for most group events I would normally start by getting everyone to sit in a circle and then I let the 2 large red foot rainforest tortoises and (sometimes) one crazy little fast box 'turtle' (tortoise) & the idea is for the children to not let them get out the circle (which is harder than you think!)

While the others are focusing on the tortoises I then begin passing round the other reptiles one at a time for everyone to hold. This way whilst people are waiting their turn they don't get impatient because they are still playing with the tortoises! I then throw food to the beardie to chase and eat and he runs toward different kids chasing the bugs.

What Animals Attend

I usually bring tortoises, snake/s (normally a Cornsnake or two & a royal python) a bearded dragon, a water dragon, an Egyptian Uromastyx, depending on group size) and a chameleon. Everyone gets to hold anything they want & can feed most of them (other than the snakes). You can take as many photos as you like.

Simple Party Pricing

I can cater to all party sizes, but different numbers and ages mean different experiences.

School / Clubs


Up to 1 hour drive

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  • Strict 1 Hour Limit
  • Smaller Animal Selection
  • Minimum Age 4+
  • Great for Large Groups
  • £50 Non-Refundable Booking Fee
  • £100 remainder to be paid on day

Birthday Party


Up to 1 hour drive

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  • 60 - 90 Mins Time
  • Full Animal Selection
  • Minimum Age 4+
  • Great for Approx 10 people.
  • Catered to you! Pick the focus animals you want! More Snakes? More Lizards?
  • £50 Non-Refundable Booking Fee
  • £150 remainder to be paid on day

Something Else


Up to 1 hour drive

Contact Via WhatsApp


  • Contact me with information.
  • Events
  • Care Homes / Elderly
  • No Children at the Party
  • £50 Non-Refundable Booking Fee
  • Remainder to be paid on day

Reviews of the Experience

Helen Canning - Birthday Party

Helen Canning - Birthday Party

My son had a brilliant birthday party today with the Lizard Lady! Ash came to our house with tortoises, snakes and lizards to give the children an unforgettable experience. It was exciting and educational. We all learned so much and felt much braver handling the reptiles by the end. Ash is so knowledgable with a very easygoing caring way with all the children. Would highly recommend her for any kind of reptile experience! Thank you Ash - we all had a fantastic time!
Sheena Bynoe - Birthday Party

Sheena Bynoe - Birthday Party

What an experience for my son's 11th birthday! Such a wide variety of reptiles to handle which was so much fun but also really educational. This definitely solidified my son's love of snakes but he also loved the feisty water dragon!
Adrienne Rogers - Beavers Club

Adrienne Rogers - Beavers Club

What a fantastic visit from Lizard Lady Ash for our last Beaver meeting of term. Ash was so patient with the Beavers - as were all the animals! And I made a new friend! Thank you The Lizard Lady Reptile Experience UK!
Lynda Hunt - Birthday Party

Lynda Hunt - Birthday Party

Thank you Ash for an unforgettable experience. Ash brought her wonderful collection of reptiles to my daughters 4th birthday and it simply perfect. All the children (and adults) were immediate drawn to Ash, no encouragement needed, everyone had plenty of opportunity to hold, touch and feed the reptiles. Ash was relaxed, friendly and interactive with the children. Everyone commented on what an amazing experience it was! I highly recommend her!
Frequently Asked Questions
Is there any preperation I need to do?
I'll need an enclosed space, a downstairs room of a house is fine. If you have carpet, let me know and I'll bring a floor covering to protect your carpet in case of any accidents! (The tortoises can be messy!) If you have any pets such as dogs or cats it is best if they can be shut in away from the party room. Also if you have any rodent pets such as hamsters, it's best not to handle these before handling the snakes as the snakes have a great sense of smell and may be more likely to bite!
What if I live more than an hour away?
It depends! Please bare in mind these are animals, thus they are not catered to long car journeys without heat. I am able to make exceptions but understand this can come with additional costs and some circumstances make it simply not possible.
What about if I live in London?
Parking is a must outside of your house. You will also be required to cover any additional costs (congestion charge as an example) in order for me to acces the location.
Do any of the animals bite?
The reptiles I bring all have all 'the potential' to bite as they all have teeth/beaks. However, I deliberately choose friendly animals that are used to being handled and they are unlikely to bite (and have not done so far!)
Can we feed the reptiles?
I will bring food to feed the tortoises (usually salad or some fruit like bananas) and also some insects such as locusts/Morioworms to feed the lizards. People can try feeding the lizards, I will try feeding the chameleon - if you're lucky you may see him throw out his long tongue to catch a locust!
Can we take photos of the animals?
You can take as many photos as you like and I will help set up some photos with each person holding reptiles so there will be plenty of opportunity to capture the memorable experience!
I have a question but it's not answered here!
That's alright, I have a Contact page where you can get a hold of me and double check any details or have any burning questions that need answers.