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Reptile Holiday Boarding

Looking for a reptile sitter in the Guildford/Woking area? I have around 20 years reptile experience & worked at Clandon Reptiles/Surrey Water Gardens & Pet Centre as a reptile specialist for 10. I offer boarding as well as advice/help with all things reptile!

How to Book

Call or WhatsApp 07989 350505 to chat to 'The Lizard Lady' for more information!

I look after Bearded Dragons, Leopard Geckos, Crested Geckos, Snakes, Chameleons, Tortoises and more!

Here are some of the vivariums that are available for reptile holiday boarding. I am able to cater for most small to medium-sized lizards such as bearded dragons, leopard geckos, skinks, water dragons & similar. For tortoises and more exotic lizards such as chameleons, please contact me to discuss as in some cases I can accomodate these as well. Crested geckos can also be boarded if they come with their own enclosure. I can also look after most small to medium snakes such as cornsnakes and royal pythons (but nothing that requires more than my maximum 3'H x 3'W x 2'D). All vivs come with suitable substrate, suitable UVB lighting and species specific heating.

A photo of beardie vivA photo of holiday vivs

The costs for each animal include salad (if required) but not live feeder insects or rodents (snake food). You are able to provide your own insects and they will be labelled and fed solely for your reptile. Any remaining live food will be returned with your pet on collection.

Please note that it may not always be possible to easily extend your stay during busy times without advance notice due to limited space and so last minute adjustments may incur additional charges as I'll have to move some of my own collection elsewhere to accomodate your pet, which isn't ideal!

Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need to bring my own enclosure?
For most lizards and snakes I have suitable vivariums so there is no need to bring your own enclosure. However, crested geckos and other smaller cooler lizards in glass/plastic arboreal tanks would be best brought in their own enclosures.
Do I need to provide food for my snake?
Snakes will not need to be fed for a short stay (they would be unlikely to eat in a new environment anyway) but for longer stays you will need to provide food if the appropriate size for your snake.
Do I need to provide food for my lizard?
Salad leaves will be covered with the cost of the boarding period, but should you wish to feed insects, you will need to provide your own. These will be labelled and fed to your lizard only, any leftovers will be returned to you on collection of your lizard. For longer stays when it is not possible to provide enough insects for the length of your stay, I am able to purchase them from a local pets corner and you can pay the cost on collection.
Do I pay for the day I drop off or collect my reptile?
The daily charge includes the cost for both drop off and collection days, regardless of the time you collect or drop off your pet.
Can my tortoise go outside in sunny weather?
I have a large metal run (with a wire mesh lid) that I am able to use in the garden for tortoises on sunny days. I will only put them outside on the lawn when I am at home and also able to watch them.
Will my reptile share an enclosure with other reptiles?
No, all reptiles will have their own enclosure and will not mix with other reptiles (unless they came as a pair that already share a cage at home)
Will my reptiles be handled?
If you would like your reptile to be handled, please let me know on drop off and I will make sure they get lots of attention! Some reptiles prefer to be left alone in a new place, but bearded dragons tend to get regular interaction each time they are fed and seem to enjoy company so I do tend to give them this when they come to stay!
Do all the enclosures have UVB?
Yes! All the lizard and tortoise enclosures have the correct UVB and heating suited to their requirements. The snakes are also kept according to the specific needs of each species. Photos are available on request.
Can you send me updates and pictures of how my reptile is doing?
Yes! If you would like regular updates whilst you are away, just let me know and I will be happy to send you videos and photos of your reptile having a great time on its holiday!
Do you look after reptiles that need extra care or have difficulty feeding?
I do offer recuperation and feeding assistance for reptiles that need a little extra help. Sometimes lizards that are not eating salad or need fattening up or even syringe-feeding come to stay for a while to help them get a head start with their recovery. Daily rates will be charged on a case by case basis depending on their specific needs and how much time it takes. Due to my experience as a reptile specialist, I have had many successes and have saved the lives of numerous lizards that would otherwise not have made it.
How does payment work?
For holidays in busy periods or longer than 4 days a £25 non-refundable deposit is required on booking. The reminding balance will be required on drop off by either cash or bank transfer. A receipt can be provided if required.
What happens if my reptile becomes ill whilst I am away?
On drop off your reptile will be checked over for signs of ill health. If it requires veterinary attention during the stay, I will take it to my specialist reptile vet with your approval. I will not pay the bill but will have had an account set up with your details so you can settle the bill on your return. On the unlikely event that it is serious and you are unable to be contacted, I will take the vets advice with the animals best interest considered.
I have a question but it's not answered here!
That's alright, I have a Contact page where you can get a hold of me and double check any details or have any burning questions that need answers.