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Wild Treats for Bearded Dragons, Tortoises and Other Vegetation-Loving Lizards

Now that spring is here I've noticed that there are loads of brightly coloured dandelion flowers, fresh dead nettles and other succulent safe weeds. Today I'm recommending dandelion flowers. Make sure they're collected from an area free from pollution (eg from cars) or pesticides.

Lizards such as bearded dragons see a much bigger spectrum of light and so colours such as the yellow in dandelions or the red in crispy radicchio lettuce glow and fluoresce so they are much more visible. That may explain why lizards such as bearded dragons and tortoises like to munch on these first! My sailfin dragon adores dandelions and it's a race between him and the red foot tortoises to get to them first!

Dandelion leaves can also be fed but they tend to be quite dry and so mix them with other leaves rather than feed on their own.

Why not give your vegetation-loving reptile a treat this spring and find some tasty, wild (& free!) dandelion flowers for their dinner!

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