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Keep Your Lizard Cool In Hot Weather!

Although it's not quite hot enough yet, I thought I would share a few tips before it gets too hot (I'm feeling optimistic!) for helping lizards (and some amphibians) that prefer cooler temperatures stay cool when it gets hot.

Lizards such as crested geckos, mountain horned dragons and a few species of chameleon need cooler temperatures. When the weather is warmer for us they require more frequent spraying.

However, if they have mesh lids on top of their enclosures, one way to help even further is to put frozen ice cubes or even larger chunks of ice on the mesh and as the ice melts it'll drip cool water into the enclosure that they can drink.

Having live plants if suitable will also help increase the humidity in the enclosure. When the temperature gets really hot, consider turning off any lighting and even moving the enclosure to a cooler area of the home.

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