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Gut Loading Feeder Insects

Don't forget to gut-load all your feeder insects before feeding them to your lizards! Gut-loading not only keeps the insects healthy (and alive!) but also benefits your lizards' health. Try carrot peelings, vegetable scraps or even limp salad leaves.

Locusts need to be kept somewhere hot in order to digest vegetation (or it rots inside them and they turn black and die!) so if this isn't possible, either gut-load just a couple of hours before feeding or just give them long grass instead. Even better would be to mix up some Repashy Bug Burger and give this to the insects as it contains high vitamin A plus other essential vitamins and nutrients!

For more in depth information regarding each type of insect and their suitability for various lizards as well as their nutritional content, see my Feeding Tips for Insect-Eating Lizards

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