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Best Temperature For Keeping A Bearded Dragon

The cooler end of the viv should be no hotter or cooler than 85°F/30°C but the hottest area which is the basking spot can be anything on or above 110°F/45°C during a 12 - 15 hour period of the day.

This allows the lizard to regulate its body temperature by moving around the enclosure. It's important to ensure the cooler end doesn't fall below 85°F/30°C to prevent the beardie becoming too cold. This can lead to the improper digestion of food, a reduction in appetite & other behaviour changes.

At night the ambient temperature in the enclosure shouldn't fall below 70°F/21°C. This can lead to long term lethargy and poor diet as the cumulative effect of several days of too cool temperatures mean it takes the reptile longer and longer to warm up enough each day and eventually stops eating it's salad. Any bugs that are eaten will likely be poorly digested.

A common indicator that the vivarium temperature is too low is that the bearded dragon stops eating its salad leaves.

Bathing bearded dragons in water temperatures between 30-40°C for at least 20 minutes is a great way to warm them up and help them ease digestive blockages and go to the toilet.

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